Good News: Skins Gets Picked Up Again

Rejoice fellow Anglophiles — the fantastic Channel 4 series (shown here in the States on BBC America) Skins just got picked up for two more seasons.

As expected, it will be a completely new cast of characters. Open auditions will take place in London and Bristol next month.

I’ve only seen seasons 1/2 with the man-pretty Nicholas Hoult in it and I was totally blown away by the program. So much better than it’s North American counterparts Degrassi or Gossip Girl, Skins is a show for teenagers, starring teenagers, but with some serious problems and fantastic acting.

Still waiting to see seasons 3/4, which I heard aren’t as great as 1/2, but looking forward to following the character of Effy — who was utterly awesome in season 1/2.

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