Casablancas and Samberg Bring “Boombox” to Life on SNL

If you follow me on Facebook / Twitter, you probably noticed how I totally freaked out last night when absentmindedly watching SNL with host Jude Law.

(This was after my earlier freak out in the evening when I saw actor (and celebrity blogger) Michael Kenneth Williams — aka “Omar Little” from The Wire — playing a would-be terrorist on Law & Order.)

The reason was Julian Casablancas induced — as soon as I heard the begining beats of “Boombox,” the song which Julian guested on for the Lonely Island album, Incredibad, I knew what was coming — hilarity and awesomeness.

Not only were all the scenes described in the song acted out, but Julian is sporting this hideously weird side rat tail hair with the multicolors — but staying on trend and totally making it work. I’m convinced, Julian Casablancas owns neo-80s style. But probably my favorite moment is at the end when Julian smashes a flower pot and declares that “a boombox is not a toy.” [UPDATE: Reader Melissa pointed out that there is actually a “Boombox” shirt being sold on the Lonely Island site. Rock it!]

So true.

Check out the video and you will not be disappointed:

Oh, and in other news, The Strokes will headline Lollapalooza.

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5 replies on “Casablancas and Samberg Bring “Boombox” to Life on SNL”

  1. Ever since I bought “Incredibad” I have been waiting for this to be turned into a digital short. And I’ve been listening to “Phrazes For The Young” like crazy lately. JULES RULES.

  2. PS I think there were “A Boombox Can Change The World” tees in the Lonely Island’s online store.

  3. I was FREAKING OUT when I heard the opening to this song playing while I was watching SNL last night! I’m so happy they made a video…and I find Julian really hot in this haha

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