My One Sentence Review of “Phrazes for the Young”

Now that I’ve had a chance to listen to it — my take on Julian Casablancas’s new album, Phrazes for the Young:

“It sounds like a Strokes album from the future, recorded in 1985 — liking it.”

Julian will do a host of shows in LA this month, then off to the UK. For those in NYC, you’ll have until January, when Julian will do a residency in his hometown at a TBD NYC venue.

Here’s Julian’s appearance on Conan O’Brien last week:

Other reviews:

“In fact, whenever Casablancas strains for seriousness, the album loses focus. Ludlow Street is a schlep partly because the mock-country backing doesn’t suit his voice, but mostly because a lecture on the yuppification of the Lower East Side is a bit hard to take from a bloke who has built a career selling a glossy version of late-70s CBGBs scuzz to a mass market.”
The Guardian UK

“Phrazes is like his version of Thom Yorke’s The Eraser — guitars submarined by wild-angled synths, off-kilter beats tripping up big ballads. A few songs have the old leather-jacket kick, but things get weirder as he explores alienation from a Lower East Side he once ruled.”
Rolling Stone

“The seven-inch single, the ultimate musical statement of brevity, is experiencing a resurgence. Perhaps Julian Casablancas should have considered that medium for his solo debut.”
Washington Post

2 Replies to “My One Sentence Review of “Phrazes for the Young””

  1. Are you fucking nuts!! The album sucks! I believe Pitchforks review said it perfectly and summed it up quite nicely.

    I know it’s hard to put down anything the boys do, But I just can’t get around to liking this album. If you like it, then so be it. I think Julian should start listening to some of his other band mates and start making good music again.

    Both Albet and Little Joy put out some good stuff, it their own rights. Much better then what Julian has done.

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