Sondre Lerche Auditioned for “Spider-Man” Musical

The impending Spider-Man musical (Spider-Man Turn on the Dark) makes me giggle with delight. It seems like possibly the worst and best idea I’ve ever heard. I love Julie Taymor, so I’m definitely going to see it, and the idea that Bono and the Edge are doing the music makes it even more intriguing.

The concept of a guy in a Spider-Man costume singing… it’s just beyond words.

I just imagine the entire show looking like this:

Although it’s already been announced that Evan Rachel Wood (who also starred in Taymor’s Beatles musical, Across the Universe) will play Mary Jane and Alan Cumming (another Taymor alum — he was in Titus) will be playing the Green Goblin, there has been no announcement as to who will be playing Peter Parker himself.

The super-cute Jim Sturgess has done workshops of the musical during its development, but so far has not signed on to be Spidey.

Which leads me to the following bit of amusing info. Writes a long-time reader from Norway:

I thought you might like to know that Sondre Lerche auditioned for the new Spider-Man musical they’re setting up on Broadway. He auditioned for the role as Spider-Man and sang songs with Bono and The Edge!

Sondre told this story on a talk show in Norway last night. He said that he hasn’t heard anything from the casting people so he figures he didn’t get the part even though he said he really got a long with Bono. Sondre summed it by saying: “It was a bizarre and really fun experience that I will definitely tell my grandchildren.”

Sondre confirmed this with the following tweet: “I broke the news today…oh, boy: singing-session with Bono & the Edge, auditioning for Spiderman. The weird stuff I get into!”

And I suppose if you read Norweigan, he’s mentioned it in this Musikknyheter interview as well.

I cannot find video of the interview, but you can learn how to play “To Be Surprised” with this awesome Q video:

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