“Phrazes for the Young” Is Now Out!

Today Julian Casablancas‘s debut solo album, Phrazes for the Young is now out in stores and on iTunes for only $4.99.

Of course the question is… What do y’all think of it?


Video from last night’s secret show at Spaceland is now up on the YouTube:

Some folks who bought the deluxe edition are reporting difficulties with their digital downloads. Anyone else having these issues?

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7 replies on ““Phrazes for the Young” Is Now Out!”

  1. Yes, my digital download didn’t work, and if it, does not even include the bonus tracks. All that for a whopping $90!?! What a gyp!

  2. I’m into it. There are some great hooks. The sound is a bit overboard at times. I know Casablancas was responsible for most of the Strokes’ music, but I feel like it must’ve been someone else in the band who gave them their sense of sonic restraint and minimalism.

  3. I feel like such a douche for not liking this, but Rock N’ Roll is pretty mad at him right now. What’s next…The Julian/ Lady GaGa tour?

    That said, the album does have good energy. It sounds perfect for:

    1. People who work out a lot.

    2. Girls from New Jersey driving through the Lincoln Tunnel on their way to “The City”

    3. Your local American Apparel. Kaylani and Dorcia totally dig it! Yeah!

    For real though? It’s not terrible, but after three listens it’s already off my rotation list.

  4. My thoughts:

    1. Not terrible and kind of a grower, but another disappointment from Julian;

    2. The songs are too long. Most pop songs shouldn’t really be over three-and-a-half minutes in length. I believe that Is This It was 11 songs over ~33 minutes. The longest song wasn’t even four minutes long. I love Soma — at 2:38, it leaves me wanting more, as does the entire album. Julian should have either come up with a four-song, 15-minute E.P., or a 10-song, 33-minute L.P. But an 8-song, 40-minute album is the worst of both worlds.

    3. I find it way too busy. The synths and drum machines really begin to wear on me by the album’s second half. I don’t get enough of Julian’s vocals, which are normally some of the best in pop music.

    4. In the end, you can hear that maybe there’s a great E.P. buried in here. Sort of like First Impressions of Earth, which really could have used some serious editing, both song- and album-wise.

    If you look at Julian’s ouput with the Strokes and on his own, you see a very talented ARTIST that hasn’t paid enough attention to CRAFT since his first album, when he (and the Strokes) seemed to make all the right decisions, recording-wise. The first album had elegance and energy — it was charming. The second album had brevity but, with the exception of a few tracks, lacked energy, which I partially attribute to the poor production. The third album had plenty of energy, but it was dissipated by too many songs, many of which were too long. And now Phrazes is sort of like the worst combination of albums two and three — only eight songs that make the album feel slight in some respects, idea-wise, but still a slog of an album to get through.

    Still when I go back the beginning of the album, I still feel hopeful that I’ll change my mind after the first handful of songs…until I don’t.

    Anyway, I can’t claim to know Julian’s work-methods or internal band dynmaics, but it seems to me that he has to find away to produce more while editing out the bad stuff and keeping the good stuff — because there’s still a lot of good stuff, including his vocals and melodies, that gets dragged down by all the flab.

  5. I have officially had a change of heart about this album. I still think it’s not what he should have made, but my two kids enjoy dancing around the house to it. So Phrazes is equal to Yo Gabba Gabba over here. That’s all I need. Weirdly enough, they really dig all of the Strokes music too.

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