CMJ 2009: Music for the Thinking Man

Yes, I’m JUST getting caught up with CMJ right now as I’m sitting here watching the World Series (no, I’m not sure why I’m watching).

Here are a few photos from the excellent After the Jump showcase that we held at the beautiful Brooklyn Bowl on Oct 24th. Seriously, if you have not been to Brooklyn Bowl yet, run don’t walk.

It’s such a great space — you can tell the owners really took the time to get things right. Not only is there one of the most classy looking bowling alleys you’ll ever see, there is a bar with local beer, a delicious Blue Ribbon restaurant, AND a kick-butt stage for bands to play, adjacent to the lanes.

Enough gushing! On to the photos.

Harlem (from Austin, TX) drew a great crowd with their fun and quirky rock songs. Not hard to understand why Matador Records recently signed these guys up:


Soft Black was up next. These Brooklyn-based boys play somewhat melancholy, folk-twinged tunes with a lot of soul:



Bear in Heaven
was up next with their special blend of atmospheric, ethereal music. The band is a new favorite of Ed Droste of that other bear band, Grizzly Bear, so watch out for these guys, they’re going places:



Headed back to Manhattan in the pouring rain, and after having dinner headed over to Bowery Ballroom for the NY-based wunderband show featuring Violens, Sharon Van Etten, and Rain Machine show.



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