Diesel to Throw Another Super Party in NYC

So do you remember Diesel’s last blow-out party in NYC? This time last year Diesel was celebrating their 30th Anniversary and threw this amazing circus-themed party in Brooklyn where MIA performed (pregnant!) alongside TI, Franz Ferdinand slightly bored the crowd with a seemingly 15 hour long set, and free booze and carni food was served all night long.

Sounds like it was a good time, right?

Well put on your glow-in-the dark shoes (what? you don’t have a pair) and get ready to boogie — Diesel is throwing a “Flash for Fun” party next Tuesday (Oct 27) in honor of their new line of glow-in-the dark clothing (it’s not as bad as it sounds). The location is secret (for now), but if you want in, the rules are simple:

Go to 1 Union Square West & Ask For “The Baron” From Oct 19th – 27th and pick up a bracelet that will gain you entrance into the party. Dial the number on the wristband for the location.

Oh, and it’s not as mysterious or annoying as it might sound. We got word from someone who went and did the above that the folks at the store were nice about it and apologized for all the secrecy.


Press release below:

on October 27th, 2009 Diesel will celebrate with a Flash For Fun party in NYC at a secret location

Starting October 19th invite wristbands will be made available to those who find the secret
Flash For Fun discotheque at our Union Square Store at 14th Street and Union Square West

Customers must ask for “The Baron”…he will lead him/her to the secret room and unlock the door…

Wristbands will contain the date and time of the party with a phone number to call for the location

Guests will be encouraged to wear/bring glow in the dark items

10pm until the lights go on

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