Jack White’s Video for “I Cut Like a Buffalo” Debuts

From the Dead Weather mailing list:

Jack White has just finished directing the video for “I Cut Like A Buffalo”. Steeped in strong colors juxtaposed with high contrast, moody, black and white footage, it is as provocative as it is stylistically eccentric. Shot entirely at the Third Man headquarters in Nashville, TN, “I Cut Like A Buffalo” will premier exclusively in the UK at 10am GMT on Friday, October 2nd for 24hrs on the VidZone music video application on Playstation 3. It will be available exclusively in the US and Canada on AOL Music’s Spinner.com on Friday, October 2nd starting at 11 am EST.



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12 replies on “Jack White’s Video for “I Cut Like a Buffalo” Debuts”

  1. This video is great and all, but why is everyone ignoring the fact the Jack secretly wants to be a rapper? I can’t wait for the Dead Weather to go away… Blanche to record again… The Greenhornes to record again… and most importantly, The White Stripes to sit down and remember what it was like to play Rock n’ Roll. Whenever I hear Dead Weather music, I imagine it’s in heavy rotation at some bar where Bob Marley is also on the juke and guys in backward baseball caps shoot pool and argue about “Shannon’s tits” all damn night before getting too drunk and punching some car window. Jack hasn’t lost his magic, I just think that he, like Julian Casablancas, doesn’t know what to do with himself musically and ends up confusing his early fans. I still have a light on for you Mr. White.

  2. The Dead Weather are so freakin’ awesome. @ohrobot I can’t see why you think Jack’s trying to be a rapper and I feel his different ventures are a brilliant excuse to exercise his diversity. @miss modernage, from one jack fiend to another, I love your blog.

  3. Ohrobot, don’t you remember “Handsprings”? I’m not confused by his “rapping” here.

  4. @ Elixir Sue & Gaz… All of the songs that he made before joining the Raconteurs had a real Rock N’ Roll feel to ’em, but nowadays it just, at least to me, seems silly and uninspired. Sure, he is a hugely talented guy that understands what music is, but something has changed. Is it for the better? For most people the answer is yes, but I just want him to bring back the dive bar element to his output. “Handsprings” was in my opinion, a sort of spoken word type of delivery that fit the concept and meshed well… on the other hand, when I first heard him speak the line ” You can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too” in the otherwise fantastic song “Icky Thump” I knew something was different. Something had changed, but at the time I wasn’t able to decide exactly what. I don’t want to be portrayed as a jerk for my being immensely disappointed with his musical leanings as of late, but I do want to express my heartbreak over what I’ve come to view as some sort of letdown. I’m all for artists growing, but there are certain examples throughout history that clearly outline a fantastic musician’s dip into unpleasing territories. Sure, there will be fans who completely enjoy his recent offerings, but as someone who was paying attention long ago, I miss the old days. In fact, I think a little Red Death at 6:14 is in order.

    @ Miss Modern Age… I have been checking out your site for years now and I’ve enjoyed it every time. Thanks!

  5. @Ohrobot: I can respect and understand that completely, even myself as a biased fan find It difficult to dedicate the time to learn The Dead Weather album before I see them play at the end of the month because it’s so off-beat, like a stick in the ear that takes some getting used to, though I am realizing it’s brilliance more and more with each listen. The way I see it is that Jacks firing on all cylinders at the moment and needs multiple outputs, considering Meg’s crisis that placed The White Stripes on a temporary hiatus, I think Jack’s being respectful by reserving the Whites Stripes sound in a peppermint-stripe box and getting his release by other means. I’m sure I read somewhere that Jack and Meg have begun discussing the next Stripes album and I’m convinced it’s going to be a raw rocking return to form.

  6. @ ohrobot – I totally agree with you! The first time I listened to The Dead Weather (that ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ song) I was like “damn, is Jack trying to be a rapper?”. Don’t get me wrong, I love him. He’s such a great musician…But I prefer him in the White Stripes, singing and playing guitar.

  7. Hey Camila… believe it or not, today was only about the third time I listened to “Treat me like your mother” and I actually paid attention to it. It sucks, but Jada Pinkett’s band, Wicked Wisdom, is probably upset that they didn’t write it. Ha ha ha… it’s basically their sound and writing style all the way. Poor Will Smith.

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