Things on TV That Make Me Happy

By chance I just happened to catch a rebroadcast of the premiere of Fox’s new show Glee and I LOVED IT!

When I first saw the trailers for the show, I thought it would be really bad for some reason — despite the fact that it contained all the ingredients of cheesy shows/movies I love: teenagers, high school, and singing. For whatever reason, I decided I was *too cool* to watch such a program, so I paid little attention to its premiere.


However, I read a few articles during the last few weeks with interviews with Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, both of whom have Broadway backgrounds (she: Spring Awakening he: Hair), which peaked my interest. So when I was channel flipping last night and saw that Glee was on, I stopped — only to catch some of the performances by the aforementioned actors.

Although some of the numbers were hard to watch (really, do I have to watch a white guy singing “Gold Digger”?) the production value is really high on the show, and the writing is actually quite funny. The comedy even stretches to the props — example: a scene in which Rachel Berry is pulled into the guidance counselor’s offices you can see pamphlets like “My Mom Is Bi-Polar and Won’t Stop Yelling” in the background.

For me Lea Michele’s outstanding singing and acting on the show is definitely the major reason to watch. I wasn’t really enamored with her when I saw Spring Awakening, (it could be in part because I hated her character) but in the role of Rachel Berry she’s really allowed to shine.

In other things awesome on television, Kylie from the Microsoft commercials is back, this time making a hilarious video peppered with kittens and unicorns. A-mazing! (Even if it is corporate shilling.)

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