6 replies on “Evil Catz”

  1. hahaha this is the greatest post ever. especially because I rewatched Breakfast at Tiffany’s last night.


  2. i concur. i have both seen AND heard these cats. and fyi… they wander in and out of your building through the window on the landing of the second floor. kinda cute, kinda creepy.

  3. You should try and help them. You will be helping yourselves, too. If you don’t, it’s only gonna get worse for you, and them. Call the Humane Society asap.

  4. I feel for you really I do.
    I hate cats and the noises that they make (that freaky cry kind of like a baby) is truly chilling.
    AND that photo is actually just evilness is a photo.
    Haha love your blog 🙂
    Beth xx

  5. You sound rather evil and nasty yourself, Beth. You’d be noisy too if you were starving and neglected. I can’t believe how selfish some people can be. I used to think this was a cool site, but no more.

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