Brendan Benson at SPINhouse Live 8/18/0

The latest special concert for the SPINhouse Live concert series took place on the mag’s Chinatown rooftop, probably much to the dismay of the building’s planners.

The weather was hot and muggy, but the tunes were delightful with Mr. Brendan Benson performing songs off his new album, My Old, Familiar Friend, as well as a ton of old favorites.

All photos by Mike Vorrasi

Playing for nearly an hour, the crowd was definitely heavily rewarded for their patience and tolerance of the less than hospitable climate, with Brendan commenting on the sweltering temperatures by declaring, “Chinatown is hot!”

Indeed, indeed.


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  1. oh man. i love that it was on the roof. and i love that I decided not to go… me + crutches + roof = death. I’m certain.

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