Julian Casablancas’s First On-Camera Interview in 3 Years

From the official JulianCasablancas.com site comes a new video interview with Jules regarding his upcoming solo album, Phrazes for the Young. He gives answers to questions about solo work vs. band work, what the fourth Strokes album will be like, and his favorite bands of the moment:

I’m going to predict that this new album is going to be pretty awesome.

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6 replies on “Julian Casablancas’s First On-Camera Interview in 3 Years”

  1. i have built this album up so much in my head that i’ve grown legitimately scared that it might disappoint

  2. interesting what he says about new bands. i notice myself complaining about new music but the bands he mentioned are really good. i just hate that whole mgmt thing that’s everywhere.

  3. I’m greatly looking forward like this, too. Thank you, Julian (I can’t call him Jules; I don’t “know” him) for this insight and thank you perform filming for the random crotch shots? Last time I checked his MySpace (yeah, I’m lame like that) he had 595 friends. He now has 2099 (what this indicates? Yo no se) but I want this album to be born. And he’s right; the first stages of a process ARE the best. Like making a baby.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a while to see this day. Phrazes for the Young has been much anticipated. However, any real Strokes fan is greatly awaiting the arrival of the 4th album. I’m excited to see how the collaboration works after many of the band members had successful solo careers. Until next time,

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