PHOTOS: Third Man Records NYC Pop-Up Store Gets Going

As of 11:30pm, there were approximately 10 people lined up outside the Third Man Records pop-up store on Chrystie Street. No sleeping bags, no stools, just high spirits and a white battery operated mini boom box. The first person on line got there around 9:30pm.

Fans waiting outside the Third Man Records pop-up shop. Eerily enough, no one on the line had faces.

Meanwhile, Third Man helpers are still inside the store, putting up posters and setting up the store.


As you probably know by now, the Dead Weather will be performing a free in-store performance at 12 noon tomorrow (July 16th). Looks like you better start getting on line!

And according to the Dead Weather mailing list: “if you are in NYC, don’t miss the large outdoor projections being done of the “Treat Me Like Your Mother” short at the following locations:

Tomorrow, July 16 – Union Square at 9 pm”

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