Julian Casablancas Unveils “Phrazes for the Young”

Today Julian Casablancas, frontman of The Strokes, gave the world a taste of Phrazes for the Young, his upcoming album for Cult Records/RCA.

Photo illustration by Williams and Hirakawa

The trailer (see below), which debuted on Julian’s new solo project website, JulianCasablancas.com, falls within line of the visual style fans of the Strokes will be accustomed to: stock nature footage mixed with obscure patterns inspired by antiquity, all filted through a ’70s and ’80s haze.

The video clip offers no vocals, but includes a dreamy, heavily synthesized soundtrack.

Looking forward to hearing more of the finished project down the road.

Currently the album is slated to come out in the fall of 2009. According to Casablancas’s YouTube site, song tracks include River of Brake Lights, Glass and Ludlow St.

Julian is the fourth member of The Strokes to get their own solo or side project. Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. and bassist Nikolai Fraiture (who performs under the name Nickel Eye) both have solo projects and drummer Fabrizio Moretti is a founding member of the band Little Joy.


Thanks to K and B for the heads.

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