Jack White’s Third Man Records Launches “The Vault”

This just in: Jack White’s Third Man Records has announced their very own social network and subscription service. The basic jist is this- it’s called The Vault and it’s a two tiered subscription service: Premium service is $7 a month and the Platinum membership is $20 a month, both with a minimum of a 3 month signup. Members will have access to presales and exclusive content and merchandise for bands that are on the label (including The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, and The Raconteurs).

Explains Jack in a blog post, “The community we are building here will be like no other you’ve been a part of in regards to music. We hope to have a place where positivity and beauty in music and art can be shared together as a community. A place that has content that you can only see if you truly want to explore the deepest depths of the third man records vault.”

Platinum subscribers who sign up between July 3rd and July 21st will receive a double album of The White Stripes LP Icky Thump. This will be an exclusive never before heard MONO mix of the album on 180 Gram Vinyl, with customized artwork in a gatefold sleeve. In addition to that behemoth, you’ll also receive a 45 of The Dead Weather performing two covers, Pentagrams Forever My Queen and The Downliner Sect’s Outside. This 45 will come with special labels and sleeves that you will only get through the Vault. Last but not least, you’ll get a Third Man Records T-shirt, with a new design that AGAIN you can only get through The Vault service.

There’s a lot of info on the site, so check it out now.

Press release after the jump.

In their latest groundbreaking initiative, Jack White’s Third Man Records announces the July 3rd opening of The Vault at 3:33 p.m. CST. The Vault is a social networking and subscription service that provides exclusive offerings from the label’s artists. Subscribers will have access to online content and physical products from Third Man artists including The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, all of which will ONLY be available to Vault subscribers.

The Vault is a two-tiered service, providing a forum for all subscribers to create member profiles and usersites, post comments and interact with other members. For the $7-a-month Premium Service (three month minimum), subscribers will get unlimited access to all online Vault services, including exclusive pre-sale concert tickets, streaming video, video messages, official chat rooms, photos, artist updates and pay per view live concerts. The $20-a-month Platinum Service (three month minimum) includes all online content as well as quarterly Third Man 12″ LPs, extremely limited 7″ records and t-shirts These products will only be available through The Vault and will not be distributed to shops or available from Third Man’s online mail order service.

Platinum subscribers who sign up between July 3rd and July 21st will receive a double album of The White Stripes’ LP Icky Thump featuring an exclusive MONO mix, 180 Gram Vinyl and customized artwork, as well as a Third Man Records exclusive T-shirt and a 45 of The Dead Weather performing two covers, “Forever My Queen” and “Outside,” with special dedicated labels and sleeves exclusive to The Vault. While the Premium subscription is available at all times, Platinum subscribers who miss the July 21st deadline must wait until the following registration period for the next set of Third Man products.

For more information on The Vault, check out

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