The Dead Weather Claim SPIN Cover

Even though the band has only played one public live show (right here in NYC), The Dead Weather have managed to swing their first music magazine cover–the brand new issue of SPIN magazine.


The corresponding article by Charles Aaron details out some of the explosive work/friendship dynamic that exists between Dead Weather tour de forces Jack White and Alison Mosshart (which may have led to recent grossly false reports about a physical altercation between the two): “Not a day went by that he didn’t punch me in the face. No, not literally,” jokes Mosshart, referring to the three weeks recording session she spent with Jack and the band in Nashville. “But we do kind of hit each other and make fun of each other and pick on each other quite a bit. That’s our relationship, really. I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself if suddenly he just stopped talking to me. But I feel like I’ve pushed it to that point every now and then.”

Seems as though the tabloids are not the only ones who have been captivated by the band. Grizzly Bear front man Ed Droste couldn’t help but tweet about the new SPIN cover: “Does Jack White have dreads on the cover of the new Spin?? O____o.” (To answer your question Ed, no he doesn’t–he just has very VERY curly hair.)

SPIN also has a black and white video detailing out how they “cut vinyl with The Dead Weather.”

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  1. Haha, I just read the “Free Song Download From The Dead Weather!” right on top of Jack’s very curly hair.

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