White Stripes Record New Songs, New Album Next Year

According to a new Music Radar interview with Jack White, it looks as though the White Stripes will soon be back together, releasing an album sometime in the near future–possibly next year.


White told Music Radar’s Joe Bosso that the Stripes had begun working on some new tunes even prior to their February 20th performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, “We had recorded a couple of songs at the new studio,” said White. When asked when fans could expect the duo to return back to recording White responded, “I talked to [Meg] about coming by when I was done in the summer rehearsing with The Dead Weather – I won’t be done in the summer touring with them, but after the summer jaunt.”

On the abrupt cancellation of their 2007 tour to promote Icky Thump, White said that the “whirlwind” rate of their tour schedule was a significant factor in the development of Meg White’s acute anxiety disorder–which ultimately halted their concert schedule.

While Jack was fresh off The Raconteur’s tour, Meg was essentially going from zero to 100 miles an hour: “We were playing two shows a day in Canada, then we’d fly to France and do a TV show there, then we were back in England on tour, and we were just killin’ it, man,” explained Jack. “The train was out of control…We just needed to stop for a while.”

By Jack’s account, Meg is no longer plagued by the disorder which sidelined her nearly a year and a half ago. “It a very real problem,” said White, “but… I’m happy to say is in the past.” In fact Meg will soon be celebrating a new life–she is getting married to fellow Detroit rocker Jackson Smith later this month in Nashville, TN.

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7 replies on “White Stripes Record New Songs, New Album Next Year”

  1. I love how Jack is basically talking for Meg about the whole anxiety issue deal. Like “Oh yeah, it was like this, and that probably happened, and now it’s like this.”

    I bet she hasn’t even told him anything about it yet.

  2. So you think Meg would cause the cancellation of a huge tour causing a huge financial loss and not tell Jack how she is currently doing? Yeah sure.

  3. seems to me they are pretty close. shes getting married in his city, doesnt she live in L.A.? they were married, have been in a band together for at least 10 years…i’m sure he knows a thing or two about her.

  4. Yeah, I’m sure Jack knows absolutely nothing about Meg’s anxiety issues that caused them to cancel a tour just like I’m sure Meg would love to give an in depth interview all about it. NOT. The one time she has discussed it in the press, she said she thought it was living in L.A. that caused her so much anxiety. She moved back to Detroit. Now she’s getting married. In Nashville, with Jack and his family in attendance. New White Stripes next year. YAY!

  5. nnnellie , when was it Meg said that? I wasn’t aware that she had spoken at all about her anxiety.

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