Gossip Girl Singing Faceoff: Leighton vs. Taylor

Looks like B and Little J are at it again–except this time in real life. Sensing a complete void in the actress-slash-singer market, Leighton Meester (aka GG’s Blair Waldorf) and Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey) have come to the rescue, both unleashing their musical poweress upon the world in the very same week.

Let’s examine the contestants, and who won the war of the Gossip Girl singers this week.

Momsen struck first, with her band Pretty Reckless performing at The Annex on Tuesday…and judging by the available video (below), her growling vocals and saucy Courtney Love-meets-Debbie Harry onstage moves make for a surprisingly pleasing combination.

Momsen, who is only sixteen years old, supposedly will get a co-writing credit on the band’s LP, which will be released on Interscope later this year.


Meester, who was probably waaaay too busy with Cinco de Mayo activities on Tuesday to do anything publicly musical waited until today to give the world some added Gossip Girl singing action. Meester lends her voice to the new Cobra Starship song, “Good Girls Go Bad,” which was premiered on Ryan Seacrest‘s show today.

The dance tune (which can be heard on Cobra Starship’s Myspace) sadly sounds as if the producer tweaked and twisted Meester’s vocals within an inch of their lives.

The “I make the good girls go bad,” chorus sung by Starship’s Gabe Saporta is catchy enough, but other than that the track is lacking that oomph that would take this song to the top of my summer song list.

Meester, who apparently has never seen Cobra Starship perform live, is currently signed to Universal Republic and will release her debut album later this year.

I admire her hutzpah for co-writing her songs and like that she’s gone the rock ‘n’ roll route rather than taking a pop princess road…and she actually can sing. As for Meester, I have yet to hear anything she’s produced that doesn’t sound like it’s been manufactured by a computer. Lord knows her horrifyingly synthesized cover version of “Bette Davis Eyes” ain’t helping her case.

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