White Stripes’ Meg White to Marry Jackson Smith

OMG: This just in! Two members of well-known Detroit musical families are about to combine! Miss Meg White, best known as the drummer of The White Stripes is set to marry fellow Detroit resident Jackson Smith on May 22 in Nashville, TN.

Mr. Jackson Smith is the son of rockers Patti Smith and Fred (Sonic) Smith (MC5) and is the guitarist in the was the guitarist in the recently disbanded Detroit group Back in Spades.

According to the Detroit Free Press the couple became close with one another last summer and currently live together in Meg’s house in Detroit and were engaged several weeks ago.

Meg White playing drums with the White Stripes @ Bowery Ballroom in 2002.

But why would a couple who is so rooted in The D choose Nashville as the wedding site? Privacy issues are rumored to be the reason. However, the couple plans to have a reception in Detroit soon after getting hitched.

Miss Megan White was formerly married to White Stripes band mate Jack White for approximately four years, until they divorced in 2000. He remarried by wedding model Karen Elson in June of 2005.

Wondering what Jackson Smith looks like? He’s the smiling guy all the way on the right in this band photo:

Here is another photo.

Join me in wishing the happy couple the very best!

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15 replies on “White Stripes’ Meg White to Marry Jackson Smith”

  1. Good for Meg! He looks so much like his mom . Who knew Patti would make such a handsome boy? 🙂

    I doubt Nashville is much more private than Detroit, especially if they’re getting married at Jack’s place. Maybe they mean privacy as in “We don’t want to invite everyone and their cousin”. 😉

  2. >> Freep article MM linked here says they recently reunited.

    The Freep has since amended the article; one December gig was the end of the line… the Spades are no more.

  3. Meg’s a freaky, desirable, young lady. I remember seeing the Stripes at the Greek in Berkeley in 02 or 03. There I was backstage and my pants were gonna catch fire; so I chose not to meet Meg that evening and never have. Bummer.

  4. “The Freep has since amended the article; one December gig was the end of the line… the Spades are no more.”

    More time to be Meg’s house husband. 😀 Or maybe they will go to the attic and start a band…

  5. Jackson is such a great guy and unbelievable guitar player. It is so erie on how he resembles his father, I also see some of his mother in him. I’m glad he found someone to settle down with. Best of luck to the both of them….may they produce the next power musician like his parents had!

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