Underground Art Party in Chinatown

TMA friend artist Margaret Lee is hosting a series of weekend shows during the month of May in a vacant studio space in NYC’s Chinatown, with the opening scheduled for tonight, Friday, May 1st @ 179 Canal Street with the show “Nobodies New York.”

Organized by Josh Kline, the group show features work by Alisa Baremboym, Antoine Catala, Devon Costello, Josh Kline, Tatiana Kronberg, Margaret Lee, Trevor Shimizu, Allyson Vieira, Amy Yao, Anicka Yi.

Head over to 179 Canal Street and check out what’s going on. Music and party nights TBA at a later date.


Press release below:

[The Month of May/179 Canal Street 2nd Floor/May 1 – May 31, 2009] a raw space in Chinatown – Margaret Lee works upstairs on the 4th floor and is hosting a series of weekends.

Opening with Nobodies New York, a group show organized by Josh Kline. This short show emerged from recent studio visit swaps and looks at the painting skill-set and the sculpture skill-set and the dark comedy skill-set of friends (Alisa Baremboym, Antoine Catala, Devon Costello, Josh Kline, Tatiana Kronberg, Margaret Lee, Trevor Shimizu, Allyson Vieira, Amy Yao, Anicka Yi). Informal attire for informal situations during informal times. 5/1 – opening 7-10pm thru 5/3 – 12-6pm Sat/Sun

Barbara Corti was invited to curate a weekend and she appropriately decided on Every Intimate Apparel Store (in My Old Neighborhood). An installation by Annamarie Ho, which consists of a series of objects that consider sixteen intimate apparel stores located in a twelve-square block area in the Lower East Side. These objects, which are conceived as both readymade and non-site objects, examine these stores’ histories as well as their current existences. 5/8 – opening 7-9pm thru 5/10 – 12-6pm Sat/Sun

The host only knew of Liam Everett as a painter but then discovered his longish history in theater and performance and excitedly coaxed him into curating a weekend. Allowing the 2nd floor space to act as chief curator, the program consists of three evenings of events that carefully address the relationship between the body and the space it inhabits. Overlap, a piece by artists Ling-Wen Tsai and Deborah Wing-Sproul, is a situation-inspired performance created in response to an emptiness of space (no one has rented the 2nd floor for at least 2 years) by redefining the vacant room in personal terms. 5/15 – 8-9:30pm (durational performance) Peeper Palace, an installation created by Dani Leventhal, is a site-specific project which will include both elements of sound and video. 5/16 – 8-9:30pm Closing the weekend is On the Wall, (The Leaking) a performance in two acts. This is the seventh chapter in a series of performances written by Liam Everett. Each performance is site-specific and addresses the ambiguous nature between the Self and the Other. The first act, Humphl’s Drag will begin on the corner of Mott and Hester approximately one hour before the audience is invited to the actual performance space. The second act, A Dialogue Between T and M, will begin at 8pm in the 2nd floor space. On the Wall includes 4 performers as well as a symphonic quintet with original score composed by the musician Elizabeth Woodbury. 5/17 – 8-8:45pm

Peter LaBier will present Disjecta Membra, a group of paintings made from the observation of objects in which a flow of signs and subjects emerge from painting to painting. This is a presentation of work by the artist himself sans curator. Peter will be present in the gallery for the duration of the show making conversation and zines available. 5/22 – opening 6-9 thru 5/24 – 12-6pm Sat/Sun

The Kate Bush Dance Troupe is an ongoing collaborative ensemble (Samara Davis, Erica Magrey, Cassie Thornton, Kate Scherer and Jennifer Sullivan) of non-dancers who create performances inspired by the music and emotive movement stylings of Kate Bush. This is the troupe’s second performance. Join the troupe for dancing after the performance in the space, Kate Bush inspired and non-inspired music to follow. 5/30 – 10pm onwards

That about wraps it up — there will be some impromptu music things so keep your ears up.

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