The World’s Greatest Launch Party: Featuring Spike Lee

Two nights ago I went to the launch party of, a new website that offers free high quality streams of professionally produced films, music videos, and comedy sketches, during the Tribeca Film Festival.

They recently held an online film festival contest for young filmmakers and the launch party also served as an award ceremony for the winners. On hand was famed director Spike Lee, to present the “Spike Lee Award” (natch) in a number of different categories, with the winners each receiving a 20,000 EU (that’s over $26,000) cash prize.

Spike Lee and all the winners and honorees.

On the way up to the stage, Spike Lee decided the only way to the stairs was to nearly walk through me, so he physically brushed by me–touched by greatness! During one point of the presentation Spike Lee got angry at all the people talking in the back and grabbed the microphone and shouted something to the effect of “HEY! BE QUIET!,” which quickly shut everyone up. No one wants to mess with Spike Lee.

All in all the party was totally amazing, with an endless buffet, delicious hors d’oeuvres floating through the room at a constant rate, and a seemingly never ending open bar. When the awards ceremony was over, Mr. Spike Lee (who seemed to be without any sort of entourage–or even a +1) quietly sat at the front of the stage graciously talking to fans and posing for pictures–kinda like a real life Madame Tussauds figure.

I have yet to screen the films that won, but what I do know is Babelgum sure knows how to throw a party.

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