Random Photos/Emails I Found In My Gmail Account

Currently my Gmail account is at 97% full–I know that seems humanly impossible, but it’s true.

So I’m taking some time this weekend to go through and delete some of the old stuff I have on the account, and I came across some things that I thought some of you might enjoy.

Check it out:

Sept 24, 2004: Scans of a Sondre Lerche interview in Interview magazine.



October 11, 2004: An image of Julian Casablancas taken at the Ramones Tribute gig at Irving Plaza.


October 17, 2004: email announcing the relaunch of TheModernAge.org proper:

Laura Slash Temp NO MORE!!

I’m please to announce the return of The Modern Age to the main

I started redesigning the site back in September, but it’s took me
this long to actually implement the new design.

Here’s what’s changed about the site:

I coded the new site entirely in XHTML and now I use fancy shmantzy
Style Sheets.

I’ve enabled the COMMENT function for each post. Please don’t make me
regret it!

I’ve included an “OLD” link in the navigation. It’s a link to the old
school TMA archives. Re-read your favorite entries from 2001-2003.

I know it looks crappy in Netscape and Safari…but unless you can
tell me how to fix it, don’t bitch about it. Use IE.

I hope you enjoy it!


October 20, 2004: A horrible photo of Britney Spears taken during a video shoot.


October 24, 2004: Screenshots of a former incarnation of TheModernAge.org


September 6, 2004: A photo of Britney Spears with her adorable dog.

SPEARS B-MATRIX-20948-18-jpg

December 12, 2005:
File attachment of the then new Kate Moss commercial for Virgin Mobile. (This was right after those photos of her snorting coke got her in trouble, and dropped, from a few campaigns.)

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