Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rock Santos Party House

After I filled my belly with an excellent Easter dinner I headed past Santos Party House on the way home to try my luck at getting into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs “secret” show. Low and behold, when I showed up a little after 10pm, there was no line and the door and I glided in with ease.

Inside it was crowded, but it was still manageable to work your way through the crowd. I spied some familiar faces (“old skool folks” as I liked to call them), and instantly felt like this was going to be a good show.

But how could it not be? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of the most consistently fun and brilliant live bands on the planet, so it was only that much more sweeter that they were doing this last-minute show in the town that served as their launching pad for international stardom.


The band of course did not disappoint–highly energetic, committed, and confident, they played for nearly an hour, going through a mix of new and old songs. (“Gold Lion,” “Hysteric,” “Zero,” “Art Star,” “Phenomena,” to name a few.)


For the encore the band busted out “Maps” and then took requests. After some audience polling, they performed “Turn Into” and then “Date with the Night.”


…and the final song of the night was a touching version of “Poor Song.” Watch the video of the performance below:

What a great show. Love love love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

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8 replies on “Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rock Santos Party House”

  1. Its’ too bad you didnt get any pics of opening act fresh kills. They where the surprise of the evening. The YYY’s always manage to find the bands in music that feel new and energetic.

  2. What a hideous band! Are they supposed to be “good” or “cool” or something? Living proof that music is dead.

  3. I’m really looking forward to the new album. Its the only consolation seeing as how I’ll never get to see them live.

  4. any chance that those photos are for sale as prints? D:
    or maybe even the high-res versions of them are for sale?
    I’m very interested in the third one with the mic on karen’s forehead!

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