Matt and Kim Play Free Show in Santa Monica, CA

In these tough economic times, everyone could definitely use a free concert. If you happen to be hanging out in SoCal next week, be sure to catch NYC music darlings Matt and Kim at the 3rd Annual Powersliding event on April 15, 3-5pm at the Santa Monica Pier where they will be playing a completely gratis show.


It’s sponsored by Levi’s, so the event planners are pulling out all the stops with free food and drinks and there will be some “celebrity” judges at the event: Jonny Moseley, Wee Man, and “Girls Next Door” star Kendra Wilkinson.

So what the heck is “powersliding”? It’s like skateboarding without the skateboard. It consists of you sliding down and on top of any and everything that might be void of friction. I’m guessing one false move and you could end up with a pretty nasty wedgie.

Check out some kids taking part in this (possibly made-up) sport:

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