Younger Than Jesus @ New Museum

Last night I got to go to the opening reception of the new show at New Museum, The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.

The show is a collection of work from artists from around the world, all born around 1980. It’s definitely full of exuberant, youthful work. Sometimes it’s a little too hip for itself (especially when you see so much “hip” conceptional work gathered together like this), but overall I thought the curators did a good job of including a wealth of interesting pieces.


Some of my favorite works were two pieces on the 3rd floor, one which was an enormous rainbow gradient print that was created by built-in settings in Photoshop, and adjacent to it was another winner, this time by artist Tauba Auerbach whose photographs are beautiful abstract compositions.

A buzz-making piece was definitely one that featured a bed occupied by a paid volunteer who takes sleeping drugs so that she (all the volunteers are female) can slumber during museum hours.


The bars on the bottom floor and the top floor (which features an awesome Sky Room with a glass balcony) were jam packed with tons of hipsters (the outfit of choice was comprised of neon, sparkles, and/or bold graphics). Of course, as soon as the booze ran out, the kids ran out the doors, but the shindig was sure fun while it lasted!


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