Stellastarr* to Release “Civilized” and Featured on Gossip Girl

Since I’m feeling oh-so into my favorite older bands, I’m happy to report that another local New York band from way back is well on their way to releasing some new material. Local rockers Stellastarr* are poised to release their third album, entitled Civilized, this summer on July 7th off their own record label Bloated Wife Records.

The colorful album artwork for Civilized has a sinister spin: it depicts a legs-akimbo woman (?) who appears to have been the victim of head trauma, splayed out over a wood floor. Yikes! It’s like album cover meets “Law & Order.”


The first single off the album will be “Graffiti Eyes,” and in conjunction with the April 20th iTunes release of the song, the tune will also be featured on the beloved guilty pleasure of 20-somethings everywhere, “Gossip Girl” that very same day.

You can catch a listen to “Graffiti Eyes” and another new song, “Warchild” right now on the band’s Myspace page.

Civilized track listing is as follows:
1. Robot
2. Freak Out
3. Tokyo Sky
4. Numbers
5. Graffiti Eyes
6. Prom Zombie
7. Warchild
8. People
9. Move On
10. Sonja Cries

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