Ryan Adams Rolls Out a New Website

You knew it couldn’t last long…that’s right, Ryan Adams‘s addiction to the internet has called him back to the blogging world, this time complete with real-time updates via his new Twitter account @ryanada_ms.

Clearly he was inspired by the few minutes he hijacked wifey Mandy Moore’s Twitter account @themandymoore last week.

Guess who’s back…and who’s taking the photos…

In addition to the up-to-the minute tweets, everyone’s favorite oversharing musician has also unleashed a brand new website, ryanada.ms which features a pretty mean picture of Ry Ry shredding up some bowl or swimming pool whilst on a skateboard emblazoned with the word “WEREWOLPH” (see below).


The new site also includes some of the things we’ve grown to love about Ryan Adams’s websites…

That’s right, random songs and videos! The latest installment is a hard-rock song called “Saturday Again,” perfect for playing this weekend:

The best part is where he describes some of the things he might do…like cleaning up his CD stack. Hahaha!

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