Radiohead Is Just Not That Into Miley Cyrus

According to a recent interview with Johnjay & Rich, Miley Cyrus confessed that at the latest Grammy Awards she was snubbed by her most favorite band in the world, the group who made her love music…Radiohead, obviously.

The band, who was performing at the awards ceremony, was stationed in a dressing room four doors down from the pop princess. Miley had her manager request that she get an audience with the famously anti-social band. When they denied the request she was shocked and appalled, citing that she thought they were very “rude” for saying no.

According to Miley, she had already texted all her friends bragging that she was going to meet them, and when her wish did not come true she was so devastated by the experience that she left the awards ceremony immediately afterward and missed their live performance on the show.

In the interview Miley also states that her new mission is to “ruin” Radiohead as a result of their dis on her. Good luck with destroying the careers of one of the biggest recording artists in the world, Miley.

Listen to the full snippet of the interview in which Miley discusses her non-run in with Radiohead:

Methinks Miley comes off as a bit bratty in this interview…I can understand being upset that your favorite band does not want to meet you, even for a minute, but when that band is well-known for hating publicity, really Miley, are you that surprised?

On the upside, Miley finds Chris Martin to be supernice…


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  1. this reminds me when Lindsey Lohan asked Jack White to play on her CD. He laughed his way all the way out of Los Angeles. she obviously didn’t hear herself in her Grammy performance with Taylor Swift. Apparently Thom Yorke did.

  2. Wy would she care since Radiohead is most crap bland boring band in histroy…
    Terrible lyrics/music, bad playing etc.

  3. She’s saying she’s such a big fan but then why didn’t she walk over herself if they were just 4 doors down instead of sending her manager?? I’m sure Radiohead still would have snubbed her, but it would have been even funnier.

  4. Wy would she care since Radiohead is most crap bland boring band in histroy…
    Terrible lyrics/music, bad playing etc.

    you’re as dilusional as miley

  5. Wow, are you serious? She hates them now cause they just didn’t want to talk? That bitch…I thought she was snobby now, but now she’s just plain ass selfish. She should of known that that would happen! Never jump to conclusions, cause if you do, you’ll never know what will happen. She’s a major brat…

  6. I like how celebrities automatically think that every other celebrity is automatically their friend, or wants to be in the same room with them.
    When you “request” something, it’s just that, a request, something that can be turned down, and it isn’t even slightly rude to do so.
    Maybe they don’t want to be accused of hanging around little girls?

  7. I know a kid who was an extra on her TV show. From what they witnessed being on set with her, she is a very rude, bratty teenager. She was ordering around one of her assistance for a soda and when she didn’t get the right one, she started screaming at the assistant in front of everyone. And she was very rude to the extras on the show. I can’t wait until her career ends like her father’s.

  8. What an egotistical brat. They did that to *me*! As if they should be so lucky to have someone like her request their presence. And if she really was a fan, she’d know that they really don’t do that kind of thing. I can’t believe she expected them come racing down to her room for hugs. Idiot.

  9. I can’t believe she’s a fan of Radiohead, must have a crush on that redhead Thom York.
    I hope she learned a lesson that not everyone is going to find her interesting or cool. They also “snubbed” Kanye West so kudos to them for doing that. These ego bastards need to be taken down a notch.

  10. Miley is a teenager with a fasination over this rock group. They are 4 doors down and couldn’t give her 60 seconds to pop hear head in and take picture. She is a fan that they should appreciate. They send a bad message to their fans whoever their fans are. NOT ME! Thats arrogant and selfish and mean..

  11. PWNED! hahaha shes gonna ruin them…thats rich. she needs to go brush her teeth and have a big bowl of STFU. seriously, i saw a pic of her with her mouth open and i gag just thinking about it! nasty ho.

  12. Get over it Miley – you’re acting like extremely immature. You knew they were anti-social – what the heck made you think you would be the exception? Because you’re “hannah” montana?

  13. I think that Radiohead has reason to not care about Miley… because her music sucks ass.

  14. Thome Yorke should at least made some ghosty noises for her….like he does on almost every song now.


  16. Radiohead are dicks. And there music sucks.

    Miley is spoiled, we all know that, but still RadioPoseur tries to play this “weirdo” horseshit that they just “all about music” (or what they consider music) and then they all about media/commercialization.

    They snubbed Miley because they think they are some elite group of human musicians.

    They’re not.

  17. HAHAHAHAHA. If she loves Radiohead so much why is she so surprised that they didn’t want to meet her being that she is everything they hate. She is so full of shit anyway. “OMG they are my most favorite band ever. I would seriously cry over them.” Sounds like some teenager bullshit she would say about any band that declined to meet THE HANNAH MONTANA. The best part is that she sings Creep at the end of the interview. That probably made Radiohead really regretful. How is she supposed to ruin Radiohead anyway. Through text’s to her posse. Fuck all the Miley Cyrus fans on this page who think Radiohead sucks.

  18. Remember she IS a teenager! Yeah what she said is stupid, but listen to some of the conversations that girls her age have…ridiculous! The only reason we are talking about this is because they are famous. Give her a break…she will regret saying all of this later.

  19. i don’t think she really meant that…she spoke out of anger, rejection and stuff. she’s gonna make an apology later on at least i hope she does…she does come off as being bratty and spoilt…i like her alot but who the hell does she think she is being rejected by radiohead, i bet she couldn’t see all her fans and some had to be rejected right. she should just get over it!!!! damn brat

  20. I am the same age as Miley Cyrus and I would never so much as think about saying such horrible, immature comments. Just the way she talks about how Radiohead is her “most fav band 4ever, like I would totally cry if I met them”-I mean come on, the comment in itself is a joke. She is a naive, selfish brat who in my opinion, is an insult to today’s music. If Radiohead doesn’t want to meet her, then they have every right to refuse. If I were Radiohead, I would have done the same damn thing. Miley Cyrus, why don’t you go try to meet bands who are a little bit more in your league, I’m sure Hoobastank would love to meet you!

  21. I agree with this chick shelby pretty much. Although I don’t hoobastank is that bad as to deserve Hana Tana

  22. Allie, you’re right. Hoobastank doesn’t deserve Hanah MontanHO. I will change that to Simple Plan. Now they deserve her!

  23. ahahhaha come on shes sooo stupid, that she actually think they are interested to know her, she just represents everything they are against, consumerism, stupidity, selfishness, ego centrism, narcissism, capitalism, youth of today ( most of the kids nowadays act like her and im 25 and really disgusted of this kind of brats we used to be different, better kids ), anyway i laugh my ass off at this first i read it somewhere but listening to it its even funnier.

  24. look that i said most of the kids not all of them so hold your horses on the comments about that point, cuz i know some of you may feel pointed, but again i said most of the kids nowadays, alright.

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