Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. Pose for Vogue

In honor of Valentine’s Day (tomorrow), I present you a story that has been out for a little bit, but will perhaps inspire some romanticism in your life… Recently Albert Hammond Jr. and his lady love, model Agyness Deyn, posed for a fashion spread in Vogue magazine (you know, like you do).

Check out some of the glamorous pictures below:




For those that are a little less inclined to appreciate the gooey nature of the spread, a bit of conflicting news. Although it is stated in the Vogue piece that Al and Aggy are engaged, a more recent NY Magazine interview with Agyness reveals something a bit different.

Catching up with Ag at the Vampire Weekend/Patti Smith/Tibet House show at Carnegie Hall, NY’s Jada Yuan writes, “Deyn hadn’t meant to walk out of her East Village apartment (where she lives alone, incidentally, not with musician boyfriend Albert Hammond Jr., whom she is very happily dating, but to whom she is not affianced) wearing lingerie and a jacket.”

Agyness, who has a fledgling career as a singer will reportedly perform a “secret” show with the Five O’Clock Heroes in London next week, a day before London Fashion Week begins.

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  1. God! agyness is fab-fab-fab! Best supermodel ever!
    She rocks! and she’s not afraid of the ugly-pretty thing Tyra always talks about in ANTM! she’s so lovely! and gorgoues I love her!

  2. I really want t fourth album, but at this point, it may never happen. And I will cry. More importantly, the couple is beautiful together, especially in the dog picture.

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