Julian Casablancas Gets His “Boombox” on with Lonely Island

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV in the last week, you probably are already aware that SNL‘s Andy Samberg‘s film/comedy group, The Lonely Island, have spawned a new full-length album called Incredibad which dropped today (Feb 10).

However, what you might not have realized is that a very familiar sounding voice is guesting on one song called “Boombox”–that’s right The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas.

Julian teamed up with Andy on the West Coast this summer to do this humorous send up describing the transformation of a stuffy country club, a drab and homeless NYC, and a nursing home into a bumpin’ dancefest at the arrival of a magical boombox.


Listen to the whole track on Stereogum or play the video below:

Lyrics below the jump

Julian can be heard singing the modified versions of the catchy chorus:

Everything got outta control/ The music was so undressing/ Everyone got out on the floor/ It was a bunch of old white people dancing

Then everyone started to move/ people rejoiced instead of financing/ your preconceived notions were shattered by the super-old white people dancing

The music washed away their hate/ and society started advancing/ every demographic was represented/ it was a rainbow coalition of dancing/ everyone was wearing fingerless gloves/ I saw a Spanish guy doing the Bartman

Everybody started having sex/ the music was way to powerful/ a bunch of old people f-cking like rabbits/ it was disgusting to say the least/ a boombox can change the world/ you gotta know your limits with a boombox/ but this was a cautionary tale/ a boombox is not a toy

Go ahead, do The Bartman:

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  1. I’m so glad that they made a full length album. I love their stuff on SNL. Thanks for letting me know about this, and I love the modern age!

  2. i really like the song.

    i want the strokes to come back. Maybe TMA will come back when the strokes come back, yes?

  3. i check their website everyday praying for a news post announcing their return to the recording studio. oh the pain

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