Update from Fabrizio and Little Joy

A couple weeks ago Dazed Digital did a quick little Q&A with Fabrizio Moretti of Little Joy (and drummer of The Strokes) which they’ve published on their site today.

Image from Dazed Digital.com

When asked about new news about The Strokes, Fab replied:

We’re back in the studio from February and we’re gonna start working on new songs. I love those guys, and I’m really proud of the music we’ve made and excited for the future of The Strokes. So that’s what I’ve got on for 2009!

No huge secrets revealed in the interview, just some basic talk about how the tour is going (“well” but “exhausting”), the musical inspirations of Little Joy (Motown, Bob Marley, Nina Simone), and the differences between recording for Little Joy and recording for the Strokes (“It was a humbling and honest experience. We made do with what we had…”).

Fab also talks about his mood behind the sometimes forlorn subject matter of the Little Joy songs, declaring that many of them were “born of real heartbreak,” and as the interview took place on January 20th, he expresses his excitement over the inauguration of Barack Obama.

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