Very Pregnant M.I.A. Appears on Tavis Smiley

On Wednesday night, a very preggers M.I.A. made an appearance on the PBS show Tavis Smiley. She happily showed off her protruding baby bump, and her due date (around Grammy night, February 8th), and her entrapment in L.A. (she’s too far along to fly).


She also talked about her concern about the situation in her homeland Sri Lanka, speaking out about the genocide occurring in the country and the censorship of the media. She also speaks about her work on Slumdog Millionaire.

M.I.A. looks absolutely stunning
, what a gorgeous and beautiful (not to mention talented and intelligent) pregnant woman!

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  1. MIA,

    You have a great story to tell the world. MIA, a Tamil refugee girl who fled Sri Lanka to escape from genocide.

    A book published somewhere in 1998 about a girl by the name Waris Dirie who fled Somalia to escape from female genital mutilation landed in London and became a supermodel. That book by the name *Desert Flower* became a best seller.

    Please publish a book on your autobiography and the genocide taking place in your native land. I am sure it will become a best seller.

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