Kickin’ It In DC at the We Are One Concert

Hola! Arrived in DC proper today. Headed down to the We Are One concert, but clearly did not get down there at anything resembling early, so we ended up walking down to the Washington Monument and watching from there, but on the way we saw Hoda Kotb from the Today Show.

Er…you can sorta almost see something in the distance..

A nice lady had a Shepard Fairey Obama “HOPE” poster and was collecting signatures from people from all 50 states, so one of us signed it as a representative of NYC. People were all about Obama of course, folks were even excited to pose with a cardboard cutout of the President-Elect:


Got hungry and chowed down in Chinatown at Clyde’s. Some street team guy for Pepsi gave me a handful of Pepsi “HOPE” and “ALL FOR ONE” pins I didn’t want. Then headed back to our friend’s house to watch the concert on HBO.

Clyde’s had special Obama cocktails

Very excited about Tuesday. If today was any indication, people are freaking excited. Hoping to take more of the town in tomorrow. Maybe a little shopping (perhaps a stop in a local yarn store?), need to pick up some Inauguration souvenirs of course!

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  1. Speaking of special Obama cocktails, the McCormick and Schmicks in town is offering something they call the “Obama Steamer”. It’s supposedly a coffee drink of some sort, but really…

  2. this has really nothing to do with your post, but i’m from brazil, and i just wanted to say that everytime i check out your blog, i wish i was american.

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