Battle of the Squinty Faces

If you watched NBC this past weekend, you were probably horrified by two things: Taylor Swift on SNL and Renee Zellweger’s dress and hair on the Golden Globes.

Which brings me to the question, of all the annoying, squinty eyed celebrities, who tortures you the most with their glaring, suspicious eyes and irritating personality?

Taylor Swift

Renee Zellweggie


Jenna Elfman

Sandra Bullock

Megan Fox


4 Replies to “Battle of the Squinty Faces”

  1. Renee takes the cake, hands down. she was cracking walnuts with her squinty faces before miss nobody swift was even born.

  2. RENEE ZELLWEGGIE HANDS DOWN. for reasons unknown to even myself, i DESPISE her. does anyone actually like her? i find her very unlikeable. i now await a funny response from henry.

  3. I don’t know why Drew did that to her hair at the Golden Globes.. it might have looked good with say, jeans and a leather jacket? And maybe not even then. But I do like her, usually she’s pretty adorable.

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