Can Anyone Explain the Appeal of Taylor Swift?

So I caught Taylor Swift‘s performance on SNL this past weekend…


I really know nothing about her other than she used to date a Jonas brother and she’s been on the cover of every teen magazine for the last 3 months. Girlfriend has a weak-sounding voice. Like Lisa Loeb, but nowhere near as charming…Neither song she sang on SNL had any sort of demand for vocal ability, and neither had any great hooks or crescendos.

See for yourself:
“Love Story”:

“Forever and Always”:

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  1. I saw the performance on SNL and although I had heard of her, had never seen her perform.. God is she bad… I wasn’t even expecting anything and still thought she was awful. Awful!

    P.S. love the blog

  2. I saw her one time on this crazy MTV show – ‘Once Upon A Prom’* – where she was the “celebrity” who took some “lucky” guy to his prom. I had no idea who she even was. Watching these songs, I’m glad I didn’t know and shall perhaps pretend that I don’t.

    *I’m not sure why I was watching it either

  3. She was awful and the band looked like a group of extras that would have appeared in the background of a scene out of Mannix or Barnaby Jones or some old 80’s detective show…


  4. re: David. Hahahah I totally agree. Her backup band was WAaayyyy over the top! That one guy to her right was rocking out like he was in a metal band.

  5. I sincerely do not get what is wrong with all these stupid teeny-bop stars who wil eventually give up then come back in ten years when they feel it is their need to grace with their glorius graces yet again……. ughhhh what has happened?!?!?

  6. yeah. whoever lets the old dumb hired gun bassist rock out like that needs to be beaten about the neck and face.

    truly horrible. but i did like the new years eve countdown when she was up onstage with ryan seacrest and the jonas’ and it was all awkward. good times.

  7. yeah i don’t think a grat singer but
    1. she writes good songs 2. she has an amazing personality 3. she’s hot

  8. Aw, give her a break. She’s this generation’s Debbie Gibson – “gone country” I guess. She’s cute, a little sassy, writes all of her own songs, plays the guitar fairly well, and doesn’t dress like a hooker – which in my book puts her way the hell ahead of the “teen idol” game. Her songs might be overly earnest, but they should be – if you don’t get the appeal of “TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR” then you were never a lovesick teenager.

  9. Terrible, Terrible, and did a mention, “Terrible. It’s like watching 12 year old girl (with a thimble full of talent) at a junior high talent show. Who sold the public this bill of goods? This is a classic case of “studio wizardry” to make bad singing sound like she’s Kelly Clarkston.
    And what’s up with her stage presence. It’s like watching a blond baby deer being born. She all leggy and twisting around and it’s not sexy or soulful, it’s like someone trying to be sexy and soulful. Just like any “teeny bopper star” her audience will grow up and realize that her real singing talent and music abilities have the depth of a piece of onion skin paper.

  10. She’s incredibly, embarrasingly BAD! She should stick to song writing…and not singing. She’s even worse live than on her albums, where the studio can perform the audio equivalent of “air-brushing”.

    And besides her terrible voice, that naive, aw shucks, gee, “are they clapping for me?”, shtick is getting old!

    And country? Wasn’t she born in PA?

  11. Gee, what a sweet crowd. Let’s see:

    She composed the music and wrote the lyrics to virtually every song on two best-selling albums, and did so before her 18th birthday.

    In every interview she demonstrates maturity, wisdom, humility and a genuine appreciation for everything that’s happened to her.

    She has been known to sign autographs for up to 8 hours after a show.

    She looks like a million bucks, but never sheds her clothes to sell an album. You won’t find any bikini shots or revealing candids floating around the net.

    But none of this matters to you guys because she doesn’t sound like last week’s Idol winner. That show has brainwashed a nation – if you can’t belt out an anthem across a football field you’ve got no talent. Taylor puts on a great performance, sings her own songs from the soul, and her fans love her for it.

    You guys, on the other hand, sit around pissing on someone else’s success. Nice going.

  12. i asked everyone this question on NYE when we turned on the TV to watch the countdown and saw this taylor chick performing. wow, it was bad.

  13. Okay, not doing bikini shots is a plus, but I don’t even CONSIDER ones that do in the general category of pop musicians. I just think she doesn’t have a voice. And it doesn’t matter how good you look if you suck live.
    And, if you’re gonna do country — there are SO many good country singers to be influenced by.. and I’m not talking about anyone in the past few decades.. but hey, they’re there.. maybe try to learn something from them?

  14. Why is she so popular, yet so bad? Because all the teenage girls idolize her and they buy the albums. Poor thing, she’s cute but can’t sing…. Look at the success of the movie: “Titanic” Every teen girl saw it at least ten times. Unfortunately quantity gets noticed, so much for quality…

  15. steveboy…what the heck does her personality matter if she sucks at singing? singing is about singing, if youre good or not and lets face it, she sucks. ok fine, shes a great songwriter, but thats all she should stick too, i eman the girl belongs on the disney channel acting like all the other fakes if she has great personality. she stinks live which means that her songs are soo overly edited…and sure she pretty, sort of, hot, idk, but what does that matter? the girls got no talent.

  16. i agree! i think her songs are ok but there are many artist out there with sort of the same style but they at least have really good songs which makes them much better than her! good she’s not really famous in europe!

  17. I personally think if you can write a song you don’t have to have an awesome voice.. because you’re not only selling your voice, you’re selling the songs you wrote. Even live you don’t have to sound awesome, because people don’t notice mistakes as easily when you play live, just when its recorded like these videos… but why do you think the people cheered? they obviously didn’t think she sucked, and I doubt they’re all Taylor Swift fans… This isn’t to say that her singing didn’t sound bad… just that mistakes aren’t as evident live… unless they’re big ones, and I don’t think any of those were big ones (although i only saw the forever and always video)

  18. oh and to answer the question… Her appeal is the appeal of any country singer… catchy predictable melodies, and a good story— though cliché… I personally enjoy her… but I definately listen to bands like Pink Floyd more often— who also can’t sing very well… but their music more than makes up for it.

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