Sondre Lerche’s Secret Inspiration: Alex P. Keaton?

Yesterday I was flipping through my choices on Netflix Instant (aka The Best Thing Ever Created) when I decided to watch Season 1 of Family Ties, which was probably the best decision I’ve made all year long.

Family Ties is possibly the best show EVER. Even 20+ years later, the episodes are still funny and still great.

As I was watching the episode “Summer of ’82,” I kept wondering what was so… familiar… about Michael J. Fox’s portrayal of tight-laced young Republican Alex P. Keaton. Then it hit me: Sondre Lerche.

Is it just me, or does it appear as though Sondre Lerche has basically stolen all his mannerisms and cadence from the young Alex P. Keaton (and perhaps a bit of his 80s hairstyle)?

Anyone else picking up on this? Contrast and compare:

Alex Keaton:

Sondre Lerche:

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  1. If you watch the “Summer of ’82” episode (which is on the CBS site free–i linked to it), you’ll really see the similarities. Unfortunately that episode wasn’t available anywhere on the YouTube.

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