How Ryan Adams Spent His New Year’s Eve

Just like the rest of us, Ryan Adams is getting older. And with that old age comes New Year’s Eve celebrations that teeter on the mundane as opposed to the monumental.

According to a Happy New Year greeting penned by Adams on the Black Book site, the bespeckled songwriter spent his NYE as he does every year, going to sleep early and avoiding the hype (and the inevidable disappointment) of the new year.

Writes Adams, “I always always sleep in and early to bed on New Year’s Eve. I don’t like it. I never kiss the girl. I don’t drink, so there is that—that added annoyance on the streets really, not a bother, just a reminder of what I might have been like in my early twenties on any night … no good. Nope. I go to sleep before it turns New Year’s.”

But unlike the many of us who have no specific reasons for shuttering ourselves in for an uneventful Dec 31 to Jan 1 changeover, Ryan is very specific about his choice:

But there is one major reason why: time travel. That’s right. It’s free time travel, and when you are a shut-in reclusive wash-up like myself, you need dreams baby. Big dreams to keep your sails full of hot air.

Ooookkaaaayyyy Ryan. Happy New Year’s anyway.

Check out the AOL Session Ry Ry did late last year that was recently released. Here are my two favorites:


“Crossed Out Name”

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