Ryan Adams: The Most Prolific L’Homme Fatale?

My friend Alyse sent over this humorous/terrifying story from the New York Observer that dissects the practices of a type of New York male they call the Homme Fatale–he’s a man who’s not necessarily attractive, but always seems to be surrounded by scores of beautiful (and eventually heartbroken) women.

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker

And despite the fact that the author Irina Aleksander makes clear in the first page that the “the Homme Fatale, while related, is not the same as the oft-bemoaned indie rock or emo boy,” she specifically names Ryan Adams as one of the archetypes of l’homme fatale kind of man.

I have to say, this story made me nod in shocking agreement (albeit while I was shaking my head to its absurdity), haven’t personally witnessed some of the victims of homme fatales who roam this town.

And one description in particular, dished by “Claire” a 25-year-old assistant in the music industry sounds eerily familiar to a conversation I once heard in the basement of Bowery Ballroom one time.

Have you come in contact with your own homme fatale? Or are you one yourself?

Methinks if the much beloved (but no longer active) Constant Dater were still blogging, she’d have a load to say about this.

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3 replies on “Ryan Adams: The Most Prolific L’Homme Fatale?”

  1. ummmmm ryan adams is attractive. i don’t care what anyone says, i think it’s true. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.

  2. The angle of the article is ridiculous. Are we supposed to feel sympathy for hommes? At the end of the day, it’s just another brand of bad boyfriend being passed off as wistful or poetic.

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