Blast from the Whirlwind Past: Discovering New Old Favorites

I finally discovered the benefit of having thousands of megabytes of emails stored in my Gmail account–when Gmail finally tells me that I’m almost up to my limit in storage, I’m forced to try to rid my account of unnecessary emails. As a result, I start going through really old emails that have mp3 attachments and I end up finding songs I’ve never listened to before the first time around.


Such was the case today. Going through an email titled “You still love the Whirlwind Heat but do you love the Lightspeed Heat?” (Do you remember them? The Whirlwind Heat/ Lightspeed Champion/ Former Test Icicles) found some attachments to some of Steve Damstra‘s (Whirlwind Heat bassist and one-time [all-the-time?] TMA rock ‘n’ roll crush) solo work.

I guess I never made it to the email (it was unread), but I wish I had, because I would have discovered about two years ago that Steve Damstra has some pretty great solo music.

His solo stuff is so very unlike the raucous, out-of-control sound of Whirlwind Heat. In fact, his solo stuff sounds very much like…dare I say it?…Beck.

Check out his stuff… you likey?