Blind Item: Rock Star Turned Subway Star?

This just in from a loyal reader who randomly spotted a well-known NYC musician busking:

Hey there- On Friday night I was taking the F train downtown from 14th Street with a friend. As we walked down the platform, we heard some music playing a familiar song (“Ceremony” by Joy Division), and my friend joked, “Oh look it’s [name REDACTED] playing!” I went to go look who it was, I said, “It’s definitely was not [name REDACTED]….but I do know who that is!” Turns out it was, [name REDACTED]! I couldn’t believe it. The last time [band name REDACTED] played New York, their shows were completely sold out. Guess he was just working out some skillz.

Go ahead, leave your guesses as to who it was…

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30 replies on “Blind Item: Rock Star Turned Subway Star?”

  1. for a sec i thought it was paul banks as well, but he spent so much time trying to break away form interpol being labelled a bad joy divison cover band i really dont think he’d go out on the steet and play joy division

    or would he?

  2. It’s Jared not Gerard. wrong subway too.

    I saw one dude on the subway that night too, hee was in Stella Star.

  3. oh so wait, you’re not gonna say who it is…?

    he’s/she’s not gonna sue for defamation you know

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