Jack White and Ryan Adams Both Try Their Hands at Journalism

Tired of simply of blowing our minds with amazing music, both Jack White and Ryan Adams have decided to only let their pen and papers do the talking.

In the latest issue of Interview magazine, Jack plays journo and interviews the stunning Cate Blanchett.

And according to Page Six, Ryan Adams has been making good on his internship at BlackBook Magazine. He’s just been promoted to staff writer:

The singer who shuns baths will write a weekly column about life on the road as he traverses the country promoting his new album, “Cardinology.” Let’s hope Adams, who likes to ramble on incessantly on the Web, has a good editor.

Now who do you think makes the better journalist? Jack or Ry Ry?

Thanks to HT for the links.

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  1. Mr. White is the superior wordsmith in every way. Questions in the Interview article were both insightful and weird/cool.

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