Vampire Weekend @ 9:30 Club

Here’s a report from our special correspondent Sarah B from the December 2nd 9:30 Vampire Weekend show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.:

How can I describe the vibe of the classic DC crowd at the 9:30 on Tuesday night during Vampire Weekends second consecutive sold out show? Polite. They displayed their good upbringing by cheering and clapping at the appropriate times (but not too much or too loud) asking nicely and for an encore, singing along when it was requested and bobbing their heads coolly when asked to by frontman Koenig to do so during a new song, unnamed but breathtaking. In between all that, the vibe was…reserved. DC has a hard time relaxing. The last song, “Walcott,” got the biggest rise out of them.

The bands energy more than made up for the conservative crowd. Lovely and uncomplicated, clever and hard to classify, Vampire Weekend’s sound and lyrics create collages of random images–more like experimental film than anything else. It’s not surprising two of the four have dabbled in that medium.

They worked their way through the album, inserting the aforementioned new beauty, and a better- than-the-original Fleetwood Mac cover. This, of course, slightly lost on the youthful crowd. An enlightening moment came right before they launched into “M79.” Koenig asked us if anyone knew Jackson Crowter (stumped silence from the underwhelmed crowd). He went on to explain he was just a kid who rode the bus with keyboardist Batmanglij. That’s it. No complicated story. So nice. Just another random image in the collage…

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  1. well, too bad the review missed the MONDAY night show – which, after reading this review, was much more lively. The crowd was really moving (for a DC crowd) and very enthusiastic. The band was having fun and so was I, and unlike other newbie bands *cough*mgmt*cough* – Vampire Weekend actually know how to play their instruments!

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