For Dexter Fans: Is This Season Awesome?

Have you been watching this season of Dexter? As you probably know, I’m a fan. Now that there is only a mere two episodes left until the end of the season, I have to say, even though the season started off kind of slow, I think these last few episodes have been great and proved good things come to those who wait.

It seems as though I’m not the only one who’s an admirer of America’s favorite serial killer. Was recently walking by Martin Albert Interiors in the Flatiron District and I saw these crazy chairs:

Yup, these white chairs have red embroidered blood splatters! Look closely, the sign reads “Inspired by Dexter”!!

But back to talking about the show…

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you don’t want to know what’s been going on this season…

Ok so Deb’s gone and gotten herself into a weird/complicated relationship, and yes, Rita is still the most irritating woman on Earth, but the scenes between Michael C. Hall’s Dexter and Jimmy Smits’s Miguel Prado are AWESOME. I have never been a big Jimmy Smits fan, but I have to give him props, I think he’s doing an amazing job with Miguel–you like him one minute and then you violently hate him the next.

It’s wonderful to watch two pros bounce off one another, like a beautiful, elegant game of tennis. Hall’s silently stewing Dexter and Smit’s volatile Prado are a match made in heaven/hell.

That said, WHAT THE HELL IS MIGUEL THINKING SENDING THE SKINNER IN ON DEXTER? Seriously, Miguel is more conniving and crazy than I ever thought. Clearly Dexter has to escape death, but how will Prado be eliminated? Any theories?

Will Maria listen to the voices in her head (out late last Thursday + dark SUV with halogen lights = MIGUEL IS SUSPECT) and bust Miguel for the murder of Ellen Wolf? Probably not… Methinks Dexter will probably get the opportunity to make the revenge his own… Will Dexter escape the Skinner, somehow kill Miguel and then pin the murder on the Skinner somehow? I think both the Skinner and Miguel will go down, and Miguel needs to die… but I think it’s just a matter of whether or not the Skinner dies or is spared.

Also what will happen with Quinn? Anton? Will Quinn stay on to next season and somehow play a bigger role? Will Anton leave Deb, hopefully making her less annoying?

It’s anyone’s guess. We’ll find out next week and then the week after…

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  1. This has been my first season of DEXTER and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. I have to get the DVD’s for the first two and I’ve already recorded this one.

    I am a big fan of Jimmy Smits, which is what attracted me to watch this time around, and I have to say that this show deserves some Emmys.

    The scenes between Dexter and Miguel are awesome and I only wish they didn’t have to kill off Miguel Prado as I would love to see him continue in this role. Alas, I know it’s impossible.

    Jimmy Smits deserves an Emmy nod for this role. Michael C. Hall deserves one, too, as does the show for best drama this year. One can only hope!

  2. dudeeeeeeeee i don’t even know where to start. this season is killllllllllling me.
    i am kinda bummed that the skinner isn’t a main character, but i guess that would’ve been too obvious.

    i saw online some theories that it’s masuka who threw dex in the car and is taking him to his bachelor party…i sure hope that’s not the case….i know it’s sick to hope the skinner has him and not masuka, but i feel like the latter would just be a big let down! i have to see how he escapes the skinner, because obviously just saying “i killed him” isn’t going to be enough. OH MAN can it be sunday already?? what are we going to do in two weeks when it’s all over??

  3. I have a question – how does Prado know the skinner? How did he call him up and say “oh yeah, you wait over there on that building and i’ll pop up to the roof with Dexter?” am i missing something?

  4. i didn’t get that either, but then i lamely went on a message board and got the answer—

    remember when prado went into the questioning/interviewing room and angel and deb said they could turn the cameras off so he could get info out of him “his way?”

    well that’s when prado said to him, ‘listen, i’ll let you go but you’ve gotta do something for me.’ bada boom…skinner’s on the street and captures dexter.


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