America Gets Rickrolled on the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade

WOAH! Who just saw America get Rickrolled by the Cartoon Network’s “Foster’s Home” cartoon float?

The characters were singing “People Let me Tell you about my Best Friend” when the song suddenly stopped and the intro to “Never Gonna Give You Up” began to play. The door on the float opened and NONE OTHER THAN THE RICK ASTLEY came out and started singing the song!!!! At the end the character named Cheese turns to the camera and shouts, “I LIKE RICKROLLING!!”

Seriously, it was the most BRILLIANT thing ever! Made my Thanksgiving!

KV already put up a screenshot!

UPDATE: Ghetto video version:

More over at Cnet.

5 Replies to “America Gets Rickrolled on the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade”

  1. When I went Wikipedia to explain Rickrolling to my mom, someone had already added the parade to the page. I love the internet.

  2. I saw that it was already up there! Rickrolling just reached a whole new level. I can’t believe Macy*s and NBC let it go through. Genius.

  3. That´s cool Isn´t it Rick Astley still rocks, by the way there is a kind of contest to bring back any soun by Astley as xmas number one in youtube.

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