Sondre Lerche and Sylvie Lewis @ Bowery Ballroom, November 20, 2008

My computer power cord snapped this morning, so unfortunately my videos are held hostage at the moment, but last night’s Sondre Lerche show at Bowery Ballroom was charming as per usual. Hopefully a photo will do for now:


Sondre tested out four new songs he’s been working on, including “Heartbeat Radio,” and the “world premiere” of an upbeat tune called “Don’t Look Now.

Opener Sylvie Lewis came on stage for a number of Sondre’s duet songs, “Modern Nature” and “Hell No.” Very cute.

Her own set was quite nice. One song in particular was captivating–a song she had written about New York where she makes beautiful metaphors about rain puddles and the like.

Also at the show Sondre was selling his “Polaroid Pumpkin Party” EP, which contained 6 new songs, and a Polaroid photograph taken by Sondre during Election Night in NYC, featuring friends and random strangers. Hahah!

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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGG why didn’t i go to this?!?! this is the first time (in 5.5 YEARS) that little sondre’s been in new york and i haven’t gone. HELL HATH FROZEN OVER.

  2. Actually, Sondre did a show in NYC this past summer at Joe’s Pub… and I think pretty regularly performs in NYC. There will certainly be other chances!

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