NME Celebrates The Strokes 10 Year Anniversary

Sure they haven’t released an album since 2005. Sure they all seem to be busy with various musical solo projects (Albert Hammond Jr.), side projects (Nicholas Fraiture’s Nickel Eye, and Fabrizio Moretti’s Megapuss and Little Joy), babies (Nick and Niko), Converse ads (Julian), and er…Hollywood restaurants (Julian’s Korean BBQ joint, Shin), but hell or high water NME is determined on bringing back rabid reporting on one of their favorite bands…

In honor of the 10th year anniversary (uh… is that POSSIBLE?) of The Greatest Band to Ever Exist–AKA “The Strokes“–NME has put out a very special issue commemorating the little New York band that could. It goes on sale TOMORROW, Wednesday November 19, 2008.

As much as I love being sarcastic and bitter about everything, I’m looking forward to reading this issue–after all, The Strokes, along with the White Stripes, are among my most favorite bands in the entire world. (And if you look closely, I may or may not be quoted somewhere in the piece.) Complain and deny all you want, but The Strokes really put New York back on the musical map in the early 2000s and helped revitalize interest in real rock music.

Right now NME.com is having a poll about your favorite Strokes track of all time. May I suggest you rate a little song called “The Modern Age” as one of your top picks?

And if you needed any more reasons to gush over The Strokes after all this time, just watch the video below… I’m guessing you’ve got a lot of fond memories around this track:

The Strokes – Last Nite from Geraldine Mora on Vimeo.

After all these years, and the long sabbatical, are you still as excited about The Strokes as you once were?

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17 replies on “NME Celebrates The Strokes 10 Year Anniversary”

  1. wow random
    i just got back from my ukelele sesson where i learned a strokes song
    alls i know is i miss those losahs like ferreals

  2. it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve been up to, in their own words. And then maybe we’ll get more information about certain things that happened inside of the band as well.

    Maybe Julian is writing more songs, and played the NME journalist some of them. That would be great.

    All that i hope is that it’s more than just a page. That would be really, really disappointing.

    But yeah, I agree, I’m excited to read the piece.

  3. As you should know, before becoming a Known band they struggled for a couple of years. When they say 10 years it means, since the moment they got together and began making music.

  4. As you should know, before becoming a Known band they struggled for a couple of years. When they say 10 years it means, since the moment they got together and began making music.

  5. All I can say is that I hope the new album is chock full of “Modern Age” style songs. I know that bands have to grow, but Is this it? was part of the reason I became a drunk…and to be honest, I’m a good drunk. Now I’m just rambling…

  6. Keith Richards made me play guitar, but words fail to capture how incredibly exciting and inspiring it was to see the Strokes come out. For a guy born in 1981, it really meant something special to see a band my same age create something new but old and just fucking cooler than anything else for miles. The Libertines have said the same in video interviews you can spot on Youtube. Even if they never make another record, the Strokes are to the early 2000’s what the Beatles were to the early 1960’s. God bless em all, and long live RockNRoll….

  7. Nostalgia is so unsettling. I’m old… I wish…. I love… So good… So gone…

    So I’m not actually old…but I will never be young enough to like a band in the same way again.

  8. yeah of course. They are more mature now. After having met them a few times, it makes it more personal too. I wonder what direction they will go in. Wonder if Julian’s voice will try new things, I hope not, he sounds sexy each time, don’t fuck that up Jules. Mostly, I wonder about the lyrics, the transitions, the use of their instruments (will there be solos, drum, guitar, voice), what will inspire them. Honestly, as much as I love The White Stripes, and KOL, The Strokes have that nostalgic spot that only they have in my life so… let’s see what the music to this new chapter in my life will sound like. If it blows, which I highly doubt, I always have Room on Fire.

  9. i love them just the same. i’m very nostalgic for the old days. i need the new album and soon!

  10. i just think they’ve influenced the music world so much, and are so under appreciated. I remember when they came out with room on fire, everyone was saying “what the hell is this new wave shit?” and now every artist, not just the alternative ones, but even pop acts like rihanna & maroon 5, are doing new wave stuff. i even heard that “since u been gone” was based off of hard to explain- that thats what kind of a sound the producers were trying to go after. their influence is so big, but no one ever makes the connection or appreciates them for it. they will always be visionaries in my mind.

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