UPDATE: After the Jump Saturday Show Venue Change

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: SORRY, THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELED!!! Bummer, I know… but I guess you can now see High School Musical 3.

So the weather forecast looks bleak for Saturday, putting a kibosh on our ATJ outdoor concert venue, The Yard. Thankfully, there’s a new INDOOR venue for you to head to, The Market Hotel at 1142 Myrtle Ave @ Broadway. It’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn and it starts at 12pm and ends PROMPTLY at 7pm.

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Directions: JMZ-Mrytle, L-Jefferson, G-Myrtle/Willoughby.

Bands playing: Fight Bite, High Places, the Homosexuals, Women, Bearsuit, MBAR, Passion Pit, the Ruby Suns, Crystal Stilts.

It’s an unofficial CMJ show. Admission is $10. HOWEVER, flash your CMJ badge and you will receive a reduced admission (aka “FREE”). But get their early, we’ll only be allowing a limited number of badges in gratis.