Last Night’s Shows and This Weekend’s Dilemma: HSM3 vs CMJ

The hardest decision of our time will be forced upon us this weekend: Going to see High School Musical 3, or going to yet another CMJ show?

WWED? (What would Ephron do?) Perhaps he would head to the ATJ BBQ on Sat?

Last night I checked out Blind Pilot and the Muslims at Mercury Lounge, then headed to Bowery Ballroom to see Scouting for Girls and The Delays.

The San Diego rockers The Muslims have some pretty good songs. They’re a little Joy Division-y mixed with a little of classic punk rock favor. (Their last song, “Parasites,” was probably one of the best.) A little bit reserved on stage, and needing a little bit more flair, but solid performance otherwise.

Now if someone had told me that Scouting for Girls had a number one album in the UK in January of this year, I would have thought they were joking. Their songs are incredibly saccharine to the point of making your stomach sick. I furiously texted messaged my friend on the other side of the Bowery with some of the following messages, “I love this new Jason Mraz song.” “Billy Joel is pissed they stole his new song.”, etc. Probably both of these comments are insulting to the aforemention artists…as their work is much better than SFG.

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  1. did you see HSM3 yet?
    im thinking tuesday night union sq?
    you in? were all in this together!
    sharpay rules! (omg this comment is so embarrasing)

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