After the Jump’s Official CMJ Showcase!

It’s CMJ week starting tomorrow. And it’s freezing. Great, right?

Stay warm by heading to one of the hot After the Jump official CMJ showcase with some soon to be household names. You’ll be bragging to your friends in about 6 months how you saw such and such band…

Old Office:
8 PM the Beets
8 45 the Lisps
9:30 Inlets
10:30 Motel Motel
11:15 Alina Simone
12:00 the Muggabears

8 PM Best Friends Forever
8 45 PM the Depreciation Guild
9 30 PM My Teenage Stride
10:30 A Sunny Day in Glasgow
11:15 the Pains of Being Pure at Heart
12:00 Ringo Deathstarr

8 PM Starfucker
8 45 PM Unicycle Loves You
9 30 PM Bad Veins
10:30 Crystal Antlers
11:30 Heloise and the Savoir Faire
12:30 Juvelen

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