Julian Casablancas Opens Korean BBQ Restaurant in LA

Has Julian Casablancas been thinking more about pork belly and ribs than he has about music? It’s been reported that Strokes singer is one of the financiers behind new LA eatery, Shin, located on Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood.

Last night there was a big opening bash for the upscale Korean BBQ restaurant where other rumored investors Mark Ronson, Gerard Butler, Danny Masterson, Chris Masterson, Laura Prepon, and DJ Steve Aoki (I know, random!) all attended…but dear Julian or wife Juliet did not appear in any of the paparazzi shots at the event.

Does anyone know if Julian attended…but somehow managed to dodge all the photographers?

UPDATE: M wrote in w/ a picture of Julian at the event from the Cobrasnake. Holy smokes, is everyone that short?!?

Here’s a shot of the restaurant:

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21 replies on “Julian Casablancas Opens Korean BBQ Restaurant in LA”

  1. eh, I couldn’t image Julian with this bunch of people if my life depended on it… but yeah, where is he??

  2. Julian is actually really tall in person…like, when you meet him face to face. Why is he hanging out with those losers? Gosh, I love him, though. My current mancrush, Caleb, will just have to understand. A boy never forgets his first.

  3. The restaurant looks really nice, but I really hope he was there for like 10 minutes, and then bounced when he saw one of the douches from Good Charlotte.

  4. Laura, have you NEVER stood next to any of the Strokes? They are gigantic. I thought Albert was my height until I walked up to him. They’re all at least 6ft.

  5. I KNOW that Julian is tall… but I would have assumed that some of these other celebs would have been tall too. I guess Laura Prepon should have stood next to him. She looks like a giant as well.

  6. Speaking of Laura Prepon: she needs to go back to her natural hair colour. She’s been rockin’ the blonde look since the last few seasons of the 70s Show. And that show ended like…30 years ago.

    There. The gay-henry has spoken.

  7. Albert Hammond’s profile pic on MySpace currently shows him holding up 4 fingers. Perhaps he’s hinting that the Strokes have finally begun working on their fourth album?

  8. I don’t know how it’s exactly working, because I think they’re pretty vague about their plans when Feb. comes around.

    Are they going to start recording? rehearsing? writing thinks like in the FIOE style (where the whole band has a great deal of input)?

    Or does Julian have the songs written already?

    I think that would be great, if they come out with like 11-13 songs that just rip like Is This It in, like, June, but the songs have more of the fuller sound.

    I don’t know. I have no idea what to expect. I think it would be kind of cool if they just released a Magnetic Fields 69 love songs kind of thing too. But I don’t know how many other people would too.

    And I really don’t want them to break up either, because I can’t keep listening to the same three albums and a bunch of live performances from YouTube.

  9. Hey dipshits. After the last Strokes album they announced that they would be taking a long break. That’s how you do or else you get burnt out.

  10. LOL @ the facebook group. totally joined that one.
    EW @ julian’s hair. i miss the 2001 strokes but i’ll take ANYTHING AT THIS POINT

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